Kate Newton

Hi, I’m Kate Newton and I am a new Trustee at LNK (I joined in April 2020).

I’m involved with LNK because I am saddened by the growing number of young people whose lives have been ruined or ended by knife crime attacks.

The national response to knife crime seems inadequate, in my view, so I was actively looking at the different approaches of charities in the UK and US. LNK stood out for a number of reasons; mentoring of at-risk young people is done by local, relatable young mentors with lived experience, positive after-school activities help young people mix with others from different schools and have fun and their approach is non-preachy.

Building a connection with young people such that they trust you and will listen to your pathway for positive change is a rare talent. Understanding the challenges faced just by being a young person in London today is an added dimension. A unique facet of LNK is having a young Chief Exec who has lived experience of the impact of knife crime and is passionate about reducing it.

I wanted to support LNK to get more funding so I joined as a volunteer bid-writer in January 2019 and became a Trustee in April 2020. I’ve visited the unit on a number of occasions and I’d urge anyone who wants to understand how the charity works in combatting knife crime to do the same. 

I genuinely believe that:

  • every young person matters
  • every young person has potential
  • every young person might make mistakes, but with the right support can they still get back on track and fly

My previous jobs have been as UK Marketing Director for an international pharmaceuticals company and as a funding and development advisor for a Charity Advice organisation. I am still a consultant for a Community Foundation, providing business planning and funding strategy advice and training for Hertfordshire charities.

My Trustee role at LNK is focussed on Funding and offering advice on Governance and best practice within the Charity Code.

I manage a small charity which helps older people in St Albans, where I live. So I’m spending the

lockdown calling up past clients to check how they are and tell them about the support we can give as well as matching them with other local charities which can help them. It’s really rewarding as they are so grateful to hear from anyone and know that they aren’t forgotten.

I enjoy walking my dog, reading, watching football and travelling when I can. I de-stress by baking (and eating) chocolate brownies and cakes.