Ellie Williamson

 My name's Ellie Williamson, I am a productive, enthusiastic and confident person ready for a new and exciting challenge. I am always up for a laugh but when I need to crack on I will put ‘do not disturb’ mood on LOL. 

The reason I have moved from PE Teaching to Youth mentoring is because I feel I can make more of a difference. I feel I can bring my experiences into the work that LNK charity does, and that I can make a difference not just within the youth I work alongside, but the colleagues too.

I am a triplet and I was brought up in a broken family due to drug addiction. This experience has made me the person I am today and, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t change anything I have gone through. Sometimes you just have to take the negative thoughts and push them into positive thoughts. For example… I am the person I am today because of the things I have seen in my life... How did I get to this point? How can I better myself? What target can I achieve? Ask yourself questions like these and be proud of where you are in the present.

I understand talking can be hard and that it can make you feel vulnerable, and that’s fine. Lets go kick ball, go for a walk or listen to music. You have to do it in your time and I’m here and ready to help the youth in our community whenever they need me. There is a need for mentoring and supporting young people as they need guidance, support and advice to overcome obstacles in their life and achieve their potential.