Jack Price



Yes People Dem!

So, you want to know about me?


I am a dreamer.

I am someone who believes.

Someone who can see the bigger vision and the greater possibilities.

I am someone who cares.

Someone who wants to use what he has learned and start to teach.

I am someone who loves,

And someone who wants the best for you and me.

I am someone who wants us to come together,

Fight the fight, support the same cause

and change that you and me to we.


That’s not my name. My name’s Jack. Quite short compared to all that above. And there’s also a fair bit more about me. I LOVE to have a joke and a laugh, buss a one two dance. I love music - to be honest anything creative - and basketball. I HATE when people eat with their mouth open. But more time I love doing things that will put a smile on other people’s face and my own. But what you did read above is what I hold closest to my heart. The bigger picture. I was blessed from an early age to know what I wanted to do in life. When teachers asked me that question, I was never thinking about occupation, I didn’t dream of being a footballer or a doctor (to tell the truth I did want to be a crazy scientist at one point). But I dreamed of living the dream. Being able to achieve anything that I wanted to in life. Making music, speaking to thousands of people, being in a film, making history, changing the world. More importantly I dreamed of a world where everyone lived their dream. A place where everyone was happy, where there was peace, and everyone was the best version of themselves that they could be. A lot for a 10-year old. I probably didn’t word it that way when I was little, but you get the gist!

Don’t get it twisted. From then to now it hasn’t always been a continuous positive path. We all have bumps, peaks and troughs on the journey. But I knew that I had to keep my head high, for others who can’t. I knew that there were people out there who needed help, who needed support, who needed to hear the things that I thought.

I knew I had to work with the youth.

The generations to come after me. It isn’t just about making sure the world is alright when you’re living it. It is about ensuring it continues to grow when you leave. Making the foundations for the generations to come. Teaching them from the lessons you have learnt. Moreover, being there for them when they learn essential lessons themselves. Teaching them that they can’t open new doors with old keys (that’s one of my favourite quotes that I try tell all the young people that I work with, you can have that one for free).

That is why working with Lives Not Knives is such a blessing. I am very grateful to be able to say that I work with such an amazing charity, a charity that aims to educate, engage and empower the youth. I get to be a part of the journey and fulfil my own desires to help young people. Not only that, but I myself am learning. I am always growing. Not only do I get to do that on a professional level – through training and education (I’ve bagged my Safeguarding qualification and don’t plan on stopping there; I’m training to get my Youth Work Level 3 qualification and anything else I can get my hands on, first aid, the lot). But as a person. Listening to those who have come before me. AND those who have come after me.

Everyone has something to teach.

Everyone has something to learn.

And that is why I do what I do.